My name is Giacomo and i’m a venetian Venice is not just my hometown: she is like a mother to me. She is lively yet melancholy, mad and amusing yet decadent, bright and mysterious.

Along with some friends who share my love of Venice and pride in being Venetian, I first envisioned, then planned and finally set up Offbeat Venice.

Offbeat Venice offers a wide range of alternative and customisable experiences: unconventional experiences that are designed to make your sojourn in the lagoon city exclusive and unique.

As people living behind the front window of this store of enchantments, immersed in the reality of the city, we have the chance to conceive and offer tourist experiences of a sort you will never find in guidebooks: experiences that can only be adequately prepared and elegantly served, in all of their originality, by those who hold the keys to access the many souls of Venice – actual Venetians.

This is a city which has more to offer than you would ever imagine, and the ways to find out about this can be equally varied and original.

At Offbeat Venice we would like to have the honour to show you our city, our world… to turn your dreams into reality and help you discover what you would never have imagined.

Offbeat Venice has an international name, but a Venetian heart.